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About Us

 For over 58 years, Porter Gas Service has served Fairfield County and the surrounding counties with exceptional service and low prices. We are a small, family owned business, which gives us the ability to keep our costs down and provide you with the best prices possible. 


Porter Gas actually started as P & R Propane with Mr. Bill Porter and Mr. Donnie Ried. The two had a 650 gallon propane truck and traveled all over South and North Carolina filling any small propane cylinder they could find. In 1960, Bill started Porter Gas Service and began installing his own residential tanks at homes around Winnsboro. With a 18,000 gallon supply tank and a 1200 gallon bobtail, he was able to establish a business and support his family.

Brice Williams

Brock Williams

Bill’s son, Johnny Porter, came to work in 1970. Johnny convinced his father it was time to expand. Bill re-mortgaged his own home and bought a tractor trailer load of propane tanks. To move and install these tanks, the two used a lot of man power, pickup trucks and even wreckers. Bill and Johnny were excited to purchase the first new propane bobtail in 1972. The truck had a 2200 gallon delivery tank and power steering! Johnny, in his efforts to continue expanding, bought his own 2000 gallonbobtail in 1974, and had a service truck built in 1976.

The truck had a manual crane and Johnny added power rotation and lift. Bill’s youngest son, Jimmy, joined the company in 1980 and even stared in the company’s TV commercial.

Donnie Wright Sr.

Donnie Wright Jr.

With the continued growth of the business, the family upgraded the 18,000 gallon storage tank to a 30,000 gallon tank. Bill retired in the late 1980’s, but could often been found at the office checking in. To continue to meet the needs of his growing customer base, Johnny has since added two more propane storage plants in Ridgeway and Blair, South Carolina. 

Since the early 2000’s, many valuable employees have joined the Porter Gas team. Nancy Frazier is the voice you hear on the phone most of the time, and the face greeting you as you come in our office.

Donnie Wright Sr. came to Porter Gas with over 40 years of experience in the industry, and is who you can expect to see when you’re in need of a service call.

Johnny Porter

Frances Porter

You can often find Johnny’s wife, Frances, with him on the delivery truck or helping in the office. Johnny’s daughter, Brice, has returned home to learn the company from the ground up and is definitely her own passion for the business. Donnie Wright Jr. is also following in his father’s footsteps and is getting invaluable experience and knowledge while working with his father. Brice’s husband, Brock Williams, is the newest addition to Porter Gas making this a complete family business.

Join us at Porter Gas Service where you’re not

just our customer, you’re our family!


Nancy Frazier