Delivery & Service

We service all propane applications:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Cndustrial
  • Forklift
  • Agricultural
  • Motor Fuel


New to propane?

We can offer a turnkey installation job. We set the tank, run the lines, and connect to all of your propane appliances. A pressure test and leak check are performed to insure there are no leaks on your system. Our service technicians will spend time with you going over what propane smells like, how to read the tank dial, and how to turn the tank off in cases of emergency. 

We work all of our coverage areas once a week during the winter months, so we are never far away! Talk to our office about setting your account up on a keep-full route, and we will try to estimate your usage and make periodic deliveries. Will call is also an option, just don’t forget to check your gauge. It is best to call when the dial shows 20% so we have time to work you when the truck is in your area.

Installing a new propane appliance or replacing an old one?

We offer turnkey installations on gas logs, cooktops and ranges, tankless and standard water heaters, and space heaters for those hard to heat rooms. We can also run a line to your gas grill or outdoor appliances. While we do not install or service furnaces, we can certainly connect the propane for you.

Ever had a problem running out of gas?

We can guarantee that you will never run out of gas by installing a tank monitor. Ask our office today?


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